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Christmas 2002

To Whom it May Concern:

In an effort to be more politicaly corect, we have decided too change our Christmas letters to Happy Holiday Greetings. Aparently, our past letters have offended the Irish - among others. (You know how cranky they can be.) This may not be "P.C." (if you will) but we will continue are Christmas tradition of writing in American.

We just flew back from Budapest, Hungry and boy are are arms tired. Sara's new hobby took us there. She is collecting pocket knives. Although we were able to acrew thousand of frequent flyer miles, we learned that it's the Swiss that are known for there cutlery - not just there cheese. Our new stance of no ethnic stereotypes really helped us break down the barriers between us and the people of Hungry. It turns out they don't smell - but there knives stink. If we learned one thing on this trip, we have already forgotten it.

While we were there, Lonnie entered a chess competition. He was the oldest participant by about 15 or so years. He made it to the second round (his first competitor wet his pants and had to go). So there we were - second round. We soon learned the eror of our ways. Lonnie had one to many at the Grape Juicery that morning. You would be surprised about how fast that stuff goes through you, so we had to go.

Upon our return home, we discovered our dog, Kiddie, had become quite the entreprenure. She purchased several monkeys on eBay (from Hungry, no less) and started Kiddie's Krazy Korral. It's the rootin' tootin'est rodeo she's ever started. There's nothing like screaming monkeys whizzing by on dogs, hearding sheep and small children. It's certainly worth the price of admission she charges us.

We suppose you are wondering - what about Powerbacco - the juice you don't spit, that sports drink we developed last year. Well, the plantation burned down. Two-thousand acres of addictive bliss - up in smoke. We have both gained some weight since the fire was extingwished. When we say "some" we mean "a lot" and when we say "we", we mean Sara.

In summery, we collect knives, we went to Hungry, it gets a little blurry, then all of a sudden, Kiddie's riding around with a monkey, chasing sheep.

We hope that you all have a wonderfull Happy Holiday Greeting.

Sincerely, Yours Truly, and Where is Tom Dooley,
Lonnie and Sara
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