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December 2006?

Hi everybody,

First of all, we want to apologize for getting such a late start on our annual Christmas letter. In previous years, we know to start working on our letter the day after Thanksgiving. . . or as it's known in our house, "the day Sara locks herself in the bathroom, crying that her pants don't fit after Thanksgiving dinner". In order to cheer her up, Lonnie will suggest composing our annual letter to update friends and family about what we've been up to. This is usually good enough to relieve Lonnie's worries.

Well, the reason this didn't happen this year is that we missed Thanksgiving altogether. In order to save money back in January, we bought a "discount" calendar at the Calendar Outlet. It had two Octobers. We thought "no big deal, we'll just tear the extra month out".

Well, we forgot and ended up going through October twice. We accidentally celebrated Sara's birthday twice, two Columbus Days, two Yom Kippurs, and two Halloweens. The good news is that we had lots of leftover candy when no one showed up for the second Halloween. The bad news is that we completely missed November (plus Sara is now a year older than Lonnie - and a second Yom Kippur can be kind of draining).

Anyway, here's what happened this year. . . Blah blah blah, this year we did something stupid, etc. Blah blah blah, some of you will think whatever that was, was funny. Blah blah blah, some of you will think whatever that was, wasn’t as funny as last year. Blah blah blah, some of you will be right, some of you will be wrong, and some of you might not be on our mailing list next year.

Lonnie, Sara, and KIDDIE
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Fowler Fun Facts

• Each copy of this letter was mailed out after having been wrinkled and stained with a mug ring of tea. Because of the last minute nature (in the story, that is) of this letter, it appeared to have been written on the back of some junk mail. The junk mail was a subscription notice we had written regarding marching bands, the theme from 2005's letter.
• Sara and her sister, Stephani wrinkled and stained each letter by hand, as Lonnie was out playing on a Christmas tour.
• In the photo, Sara is crying because our picture was so last minute. However, most people say that she looks like a battered wife.
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