The Fowler Family Christmas Letter

"I'm amazed that you two are able to think up something new and stupid every year." ~ Lonnie's Mom

Back in 1999, during our second Christmas as a married couple, we decided around Thanksgiving that it would be pretty funny to send out a fictitious Christmas "year in review" letter. We didn't think much about it and wrote the letter rather quickly. Lonnie blinked for the photo and that was it.

The next year, we upped the ante by asking to borrow a friend's baby for the photo. We didn't tell anybody she was ours, but we didn't say that she wasn't. After a few more bizarre letters and pictures, we finally started to figure out our formula.

In 2004, we started to really hone in on us finding our place in the world, in the letter that is, be it financially, socially, or otherwise. Each year since has been a continuation of that story arc.