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December 2015

FOWLER & FOWLER VS. Lonnie and Sara

This year, we sent out two "photos" and two "letters". The boys sued us and won all our money, with the loss of money forcing us to handwrite and crudely draw a portrait on the back.


2015thumb 2015Letter2thumb
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2015Drawingthumb 2015Letterthumb
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Fowler Fun Facts

• "Exposure to Avian Illness" and "Gold Teeth Poisoning" are references to previous Christmas letters of ours. (2012 and 2010)

• This is the first year we weren't in the actual photograph.

• If you call the phone number listed, you get a custom voicemail from the Law Offices of FOWLER & FOWLER.

• The boys were fascinated by the concept of lawsuits and may have actually been holding out hope they could get money out of us in real life.

• They asked if the suits they were would "be what they're supposed to wear in high school", which Miles thought sounded like Hogwarts.
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