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December 2017

Essential Soils Candles and Lip Moisturizer

This year, we started a business making products out of animal excrement. Products include aromatherapy candles and lip balm. Enjoy our mockumentary below.

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Fowler Fun Facts

• During the video and photo shoot, we had to keep reapplying "excrement" on Sara's face, which was just mud. We used a damp paper towel to wet/darken it as it would dry.

• The boys loved this year's idea enough that they seem to have forgiven us for last year's Precious Moments photo.

• Miles actually wanted Relaxing Rabbit candles on his birthday cake this year. It's in the video, but that line was true.

• During the video, when the boys are writing on their clipboards, they're actually writing critiques of Sara's crap collecting. Things like "missed many piles" and "too much grass" were there along with grades (all F's) and checkboxes all checked "No".

• The benefit of "getting better at crossword puzzles" is a reference to our 2004 letter where our botched home LASIK surgery led to Sara doing poorly on TV Guide crossword puzzles.
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